(Published in The Interaction Point, June 2001, Vol. 12 No. 5)

THANK YOU, ENERGY SAVERS. Due to your efforts, we have seen a reduction in SLAC ís energy consumption. Your willingness to help SLAC to comply with the Presidential Directive and DOE's "Plan of Action: Energy Conservation at Federal Facilities" appears to be paying off. The response to the All-Hands e-mail dated May 9 from Jonathan Dorfan was immediate and effective in saving energy. Now, SE&M technicians, with guidance from Liam Robinson, are working hard to fine-tune the temperature conditions throughout the site to acceptable levels while staying in compliance with the DOE Plan of Action. Don ít stop now! Please continue your efforts to implement simple energy conservation measures such as turning off, whenever possible, monitors, computers, copiers, lights, and other electrical devices. It is especially important to minimize energy use during summer peak usage hours, i.e.,12:00 NOON to 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday.

We are working towards implementing the longer term energy conservation projects outlined in the "SLAC In-House Energy Management Program" article that appeared in the May issue of TIP. In addition, we are reviewing several interesting energy conservation proposals that we received from you in response to the Director ís e-mail and the TIP article. Please continue to keep your thinking caps on and submit ideas for energy conservation (we need all tips, proposals, big or small) to your Building Manager, to Luda Fieguth x3422 (luda@slac.stanford.edu), or to Burl Skaggs, x2245 (burl@slac.stanford.edu). 

ĖLuda Fieguth