(Published in The Interaction Point, October 2001, Vol. 12 No. 9)

October is National Energy Awareness Month

FEDERAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (FEMP) is celebrating Energy Awareness Month with the Department of Energy’s theme, "Be Energy Smart." The campaign stresses the importance of conserving energy and making intelligent, clean energy choices at home, at work, at school, and on the move. FEMP encourages energy efficiency as a significant way to reduce the cost of government and to demonstrate leadership by example. FEMP also recommends implementing simple things to save energy. Go to the SLAC Energy Management web site at www.slac.stanford.edu/slac/energy/ for Energy Conservation Tips and energy related links. 

SLAC is preparing to participate in the "DOE Day" energy conservation fair on October 4th, which will be staged in the Oakland Federal Building plaza with a SLAC booth being set up along with other 25 exhibitors. The general public is invited and more than 2,000 visitors including school age youngsters are expected to attend this fair.

At SLAC there are many opportunities to save on energy; however, many projects require upfront investments, which are somewhat difficult to obtain. We are currently soliciting funding for projects with a payback period of less than three years. We have also applied for a California Energy Commission (CEC) grant of $100K for the Klystron Gallery Lighting Upgrade project.

In August, one of the ideas in process for saving energy was to purchase desk lamps. We now have energy efficient desktop lamps; you can contact your Building Manager to obtain one for your desk.

–Luda Fieguth