(Published in The Interaction Point, May 7, 2004)

The Site Engineering and Maintenance Department (SEM) continues to implement the Site Lighting Upgrade Program. This program encompasses replacement of all outdated energy-inefficient lighting assemblies. Priority is given to replacement of incandescent lamps (the least energy-efficient) and outdated T12/electromagnetic-ballasts assemblies (their production will be discontinued after July 1, 2010).

In 2002-03, SEM implemented two phases of the Klystron Gallery Lighting Upgrade project in collaboration with the Waste Management (WM) team from ES&H. As a result 1,995 incandescent bulbs and 360 energy-inefficient fluorescent lamps/magnetic-ballasts lighting fixtures were replaced with new, energy efficient T8/electronic-ballast lighting fixtures. Most of the old materials including lamps, tubes, ballasts and sheet metal housings were recycled.

The project resulted in an estimated total annual electrical energy saving of 4.4 gigawatt-hours. This represents a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of 2,699 metric tons/year. There is also a significant maintenance cost savings resulting from extended lamp-life of the new lamps.

The project funding was a combination of DOE Federal Energy Management Program funds and the California Energy Commission (CEC) grant reimbursements. The estimated payback on the investment is less than three years. All of those concerned with energy management at SLAC appreciate the efforts and contributions of all the people who supported the Klystron Gallery Lighting Upgrade project.

In 2004, additional lighting upgrade projects are on the way. This includes replacement of outdated fluorescent lamps and ballasts and installation of occupancy sensors in the Central Lab and Annex (Bldgs. 40 and 84) and in the high-bay area of the Test Lab (Bldg. 44). These projects will save an estimated 430 megawatt-hours of electrical energy annually.

Please submit your energy conservation ideas on the Energy Management Website (http://www.slac.stanford.edu/slac/energy).

–Luda Fieguth