(Published in The Interaction Point, November 2001, Vol. 12 No. 10)

DOE Day in Oakland - Energy Fair

THE 7TH ANNUAL DOE Day was celebrated at the Oakland Federal Building on October 4th. This year’s theme was "Think Conservation—Use Energy and Resources Wisely." The exposition was a combination of a science fair and an educational event for the community. The event was opened by Tom Vacar, KTVU Fox Channel 2 consumer editor. Judith Weisse, DOE/Oakland Energy Information Center manager, performed moving renditions of The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America. Vacar then led a moment of silence in remembrance of the  September 11th atrocity. During the opening ceremonies, representatives from the Oakland Operation Office, General Services Administration (GSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spoke about DOE Day and those participating in the Energy Fair. 

There were many interactive displays that demonstrated the latest advances in energy research and environmental protection . Besides SLAC, some of the exhibitors were: LLNL, LBNL, Sandia National Laboratory , DOE/Oakland Operation Office, PG&E, University of California, EPA and California Energy Commission.

photo DOE day in Oakland
In 1997 while excavating the site for National Ignition Facility (NIF), a construction crew uncovered fossilized mammoth bones. In honor of this discovery, LLNL has built this figure named NIFFY, who was at the  entrance to the Energy Fair.

photo DOE day in Oakland
(l-r) John Weisend, Luda Fieguth, and John Arthur are ready for opening of DOE Day at Oakland.

photo DOE day in Oakland
John Weisend demonstrates how brittle a carnation becomes when frozen with liquid nitrogen.

photo DOE day in Oakland
John Arthur explains SLAC aerial view to a visitor.

SLAC was represented by John Arthur (SSRL), Luda Fieguth (SE&M) and John Weisend (EFD). We displayed a SLAC beam tree (see http://www.slac.stanford.edu/history/beamtree.shtml) and many colorful posters, including ones showing SLACs Nobel Prize Winners Burton Richter, Richard Taylor, and Martin Perl and their prize-winning achievements. Other posters exhibited SLAC achievements in science such as the B Factory facility, PEP-II and BABAR, GLAST and the many SSRL advances. A large aerial photo of the SLAC site was very popular, as were the many SLAC brochures that were handed out to visitors. 

Attending the fair were many youngsters from local schools, and they seemed to enjoy the activities thoroughly. One of the most popular attractions was the "Cryogenics Magic Show" performed by John Weisend. You will remember that he was a hit at the 2000 SLAC Family Day celebrations with his demonstration of the effect of cryogenic temperatures on ordinary objects and the role of cryogenics at SLAC. Observers were able to see frozen flowers shatter, bananas become hammers and magnets levitate.

Kids were encouraged to take a ride on LLNL’s Energy Bike and find out how much energy they could generate in 30 seconds; PG&E and GSA presented many alternative fuel vehicles; LBNL demonstrated their energy-efficient table lamp; and Sandia National Laboratory displayed a model research engine development by the Sandia Combustion Research Facility.

Many SLACers contributed to the success of the SLAC presentation at DOE Day. We would like to thank Eleanor Mitchell and Diana Rogers (Director’s Office), Nina Adelman Stolar (Public Affairs), Terry Anderson and Michael Hyde (TechPubs), Harry Shin (SE&M), Robert Moore (EFD), Rich Cellamare and Larissa Williams (ES&H) and Cathy Knotts (SSRL) for helping make this event a success. 

–Luda Fieguth