(Published in The Interaction Point, May 2002, Vol. 13 No. 4)

WE HAVE GOOD NEWS in the field of energy management: DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) administration approved $330.5K funding for SLAC to implement Phase 1 of the Klystron Gallery Lighting Upgrade project. In addition, we secured a California Energy Commission grant of $92.7K for this project. The project entails replacement of 1,580 incandescent lamps and 275 energy inefficient fluorescent lighting fixtures in the Klystron Gallery with new, energy efficient, fluorescent lights. The projected saving is 3.7 GWH per year. Yes, you read the amount correctly – it is indeed 3.7 Giga Watt Hours per year, or enough yearly power for about 500 homes! Our recently completed pilot installation in Sector 12 received the approval of Klystron Gallery Building Managers Al Baker and Tom Graul as exceeding the existing standards for illumination.

This is the first major step toward implementation of a Site-wide Lighting Upgrade Program. Many areas at SLAC present opportunities to improve energy efficiency. Lack of on-demand lighting controls and inefficient lighting is disappointing to some at SLAC who would like to see us move faster. However, these energy conservation projects require capital investments and, even with good saving-to investment ratios and short payback periods, the funding is somewhat difficult to obtain. We at SE&M are continually working on development and submission of proposals for procurement of funds for energy conservation projects.

The Central Chilled Water Plant Upgrade is another project with good energy savings potential. The project is being funded out of the SLAC General Plant Project budget and will be in full operation by the end of May 2002. It is currently under construction and is being managed by Kingston Chan (SE&M). The scope of work includes replacement of three old, inefficient chillers with new energy efficient machines and improving the chilled water pumping system for energy efficiency. The expected energy saving for this project is 2.3 GWH per year!

The summer period, featuring high electrical demands, is coming upon us again. Please continue implementing simple, no-cost or low-cost energy conservation measures. For energy conservation tips and other energy related information visit our Energy Management website at www.slac.stanford.edu/slac/energy/.

Sector 12 gallery lights before and after the project.

Sector 12, South Aisle lighting. Note before (l) and
 after (r) illumination down the length of the Klystron Gallery.
(Photos: L. Fieguth)

–Luda Fieguth