(Published in The Interaction Point, August 2001, Vol. 12 No. 8)

SLAC IS INITIATING NEW energy conservation projects pertaining to lighting efficiency and control. One of the highest priority projects on our list is the replacement of all existing lighting fixtures in the Klystron Gallery with new, energy-efficient ones. The estimated saving for this project is 4,600,000 kW-hours per year, assuming a round-the-clock mode of operation and also that the entire gallery lighting systems will have been upgraded. As a test of this proposal, we are upgrading Sector 12 lighting with the help of the Klystron Gallery Building Manager, Al Baker, and Assistant Building Manager, Tom Graul. We also plan to explore the possibility of installing prismatic skylights with photocell sensors that will turn the lights on at night in some areas. For some of the selected Klystron Gallery lighting circuits, installation of occupancy sensors may be appropriate. 

Many people are concerned about wasted energy at SLAC, especially where they think the lighting to be excessive or inefficient. We are now developing a scope of work for the replacement of old, inefficient lighting and the installation of occupancy sensors and timers for many SLAC buildings. Meanwhile, please continue implementing simple no-cost or low-cost energy conservation measures. A few SLAC Building Managers have assessed energy waste in their buildings and found ways of reducing it. As an example, Mary Regan is experimenting with occupancy sensors in the Test Lab (Building 044).We at SEM continue to help and support others with energy reduction initiatives.

–Luda Fieguth