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SLAC Computer Networking: Site Map

Les Cottrell, Page created: 14 October 1993 (Over 18 years old!, see the Internet Archives for some old snapshots). Last Update: January 1/30/2012, 2012.
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This page provides useful information for users of the SLAC network.
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Introduction Mission, Policies, Principles, Team Responsibilities, Wiring, Network Management (WIKI).
Configuration Architecture*; CANDO:( web access, listings*), Border Firewall*; Phones*; Request Ethernet Install; Request nodename*; Subnets*.
Monitoring Ganglia host monitoring; ICFA/SCIC WG on Monitoring; IEPM project; IEPM-BW; IEPM-BW results; IPv6; LAN MON*; Monitoring sites; National Broadband Map, Nagios host alerts; Overview; PerfSONAR1; PingER:( Reports worldwide, Site Map, SEECS, WIKI); Router blocked hosts, SLAC Internet; Tools; Traceroute servers; Tutorial; WAN.
Network Services DHCP, Firewall*, Multicasting, Network Operations, Remote Access, Reporting Problems, TelAlert, Visitor subnet, Wireless Networking
Phone Services ATOMs, Caller-ID, Configuration*, FAQ, Help directory, International phone call rates International use, Overview of extensions, Policies, Problems, Requests, Services, Unknown phones, Users' Guide, Voice (audio) conferencing, VoiceMail Reference Card, WIKI
Remote Access Services Stanford Network Connections, VPN, Citrix Server
Problems Case studies, Reporting.
Info. Elsewhere Monitoring Tutorial, Monitoring Tools, Network documents, Network Organizations, Network Reference, Vendors.

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Useful debugging tools, utilities and Demos
What is my IP address / traceroute?
Traceroute router utilization
Visual Traceroute
DNS Lookup
Does host respond to ping from: SLAC, a Silicon Valley Commercial site, Italy
Test my network configuration from: SLAC * (server is down requiring security patches), Stanford, ANL.
MLab Internet measurement tools
What is speed of your Internet connection
Speed Test, Pingtest, Bandwidth Test
Estimate bandwidth, Bandwidth*Delay calculator, WAN throughput calculator, Speed vs. distance,
Where am I?
Find Lat/Long of a site
Geolocate an IP host by pings (TULIP)
PingWorld regions
Interactive PingER map ViPER.
A "movie" chart of Internet Performance from 1998 thru last year, and a video showing how to use it.
World Connection speeds from: Akamai, Speedtest,
Domain Crawler,
Internet Congestion Wave (46MB video file, 15MB video file)
Hourly latency measurements for 2005
African Internet Weather (also on YouTube).
Check Windows Network Settings Download host monitoring agent (LISA)
ip information
* Announcements, Hot Topics, In the News etc.
2/7/2012 - Apple store: Facebook app makes $90,000 in a week. The app is from SWAM Tech founded by and with CEO Shahryar Muhammad Khan who spent a year and a half at SLAC working on the PingER project. Reported by the International Herald Tribune.
12/12/2011 - First North American Website Launched at SLAC 20 Years Ago Today, from SLAC Today. Also reported in InMenlo site, and the Stanford Dish.
10/27/2011 - SLAC Networking Team, Contractors Credited for Marathon Effort to Keep Work on Track
7/22/11 - SLAC News center publishes Word of the Week: Ping
7/20/11 - SLAC Today publishes interview with Pakistani Interns ,also published in Pakistani newspapers The NEWS and Pakistan Observer
3/18/11 - Japanese Internet Survives the Earthquake, from SlashDot.
10/18/10 - Pioneers of China's First Internet Connection Recall Work, from PC World October 18, 2010, also on YouTube
Papers and talks

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Configuration Information

Network Monitoring

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