SLAC Computing Services (SCS) Group

19 Nov 2003

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SCS Group

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The page describes the SLAC Computing Services (SCS) group.

The Organization

* Mission
* Organization Chart*
* Staff Directory


* Business Application Support#
The Business Application Support Group's mission, membership, tasks, and supporting information.
* Networking
The Network Engineering & Services Group's vision, goals, tasks, and other useful information.
* Physics Experiment Support Group
The Physics Experiment Support Group's objectives, group members, news, and other useful information.
* Systems+
The Systems Group's mission statement.
The Applications Group's objectives, staff, and other useful information.


* Central Computing Access
* TAG Services
* SCS Internal Resources (for SCS staff)+

External Liaison

* Network Monitoring Task Force


* Rough Notes for Managers Meeting#
* Rough Notes from Technical Coordination Meeting@
* Trip Reports, with more in Newsgroup slac.scs.trips

* Plan to link to subgroup photos.
# Access to this link is restricted to users in the SLAC NT domain via SSL.
+ Access to this link is restricted to users on SLAC computers (where IP addresses start 134.79...).
@ Access to this link is restricted to users in the SCS NT global group via SSL.

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