SLAC Network Services

Last Update: October 9, 2012

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This page contains information for SCS people on the primary and backup people for services provided by the SCS Network Group. There is currently no Service Level Agreement (SLA) on these services. Everything is currently best effort. Normally first line problems should be reported to your IT Distributed Services administrator. Critical network problems should be reported to the technical coordinators and also via the net-admin email list which is responded to and the problems triaged by the network response team. The people in the table below are for third line expert support. The services with a Yes in the "Critical?" column are for services that receive best effort 24 hours/day by 7 days/week support. Services Support.
Network Support
ComponentCritical?Primary Person BackupsMore information
Core Routers/SwitchesYes Antonio Ceseracciu Guillaume Cessieux
Kent Reuber
Yee Ting Li

VPNNo Guillaume Cessieux Kent Reuber How to Connect to SLAC VPN
Edge SwitchesNo Contact your IT Distributed Services administrator
MCCYes Charley Granieri Email net-admin at
Network Monitoring No Yee Ting Li
Wireless/Visitor network No (less than best effort)
Guillaume Cessieux

WANNo Antonio Cessieux Les Cottrell WAN Problems with Access to/from SLAC
WAN MonitoringNo Les Cottrell

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Les Cottrell