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In order to provide a better expectation of the network performance between sites that SLAC collaborates with, some of the major BaBar sites started monitoring the response time (by using the IP Ping facility). In 1995 this work was extended by the ESnet Network Monitoring Task Force (NMTF) to cover ESnet needs. In April 1997 the work was further extended with the creation of an ICFA-NTF Monitoring Working Group at the request of the International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA) to cover the needs of the High Energy and Nuclear Physics (HENP) community. In 1998 the Cross Industry Working Team (XIWT) adopted the PingER tools developed out of the above efforts and used them to monitor their member sites.

For more information on the monitoring techniques see the Tutorial on Internet Monitoring at SLAC. Some of this work is funded by a DOE/MICS Field Work Grant for Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring (IEPM).

Monitoring HENP & ESnet Sites

Ping response and packet loss information is available from several ICFA Monitoring sites, each of which is monitoring many Remote sites (see Requirements for WAN Hosts being monitored for more on how remote hosts are selected). There is also a set of Beacon sites that all monitoring sites monitor. For more information on this monitoring see the Report of the ICFA-NTF Monitoring Working Group. Details of the tools, collectively known as PingER, are described in and available via PingER Tools from the ICFA-NTF WG on Monitoring.

Pinging of SF Bay ISPs

SLAC supports Residential Services to let you connect your computer from home to the SLAC network. To assist in trouble shooting and setting expectations we monitor the performance to selected routers at ISPs and in people's homes.

Pinging of SLAC Collaborators' Nodes

Other (non-ping) Internet Monitoring

Further Information

Internet Monitoring Sites of Interest
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Network Organizations of Interest
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Number of Hosts on the Internet
Real time estimate and plot of the number of hosts on the Internet.
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Atlas of Cyberspace
Maps of ISPs and Internet Backbone Networks.
BARRNET (Bay Area Regional Research Network).
BBN Techwatch magazine.
Boardwatch magazine
The Boardwatch Magazine provdes a Guide to the Internet.
DANTE (Delivering Academic Networks to Europe).
Data Communications ISP index.
Ebone is a major pan-European Backbone connecting over 60 regional networks in more than 25 countries to the Global Internet.
ESnet (Energy Sciences Network).
Palo Alto Cable Modem Service
Commercial cable modem service is now available to residents and businesses within Palo Alto Cable Co-op's service area,
Russ Haynal's ISP Page
This page is also useful to anyone interested in the major ISP's, and how they inter-connect.
Russell Kroll's Internet Network Maps
WinterLAN a Bay Area ISDN Local ISP.
Review of Domestic ISPs
by Network Computing Magazine, June 1, 1996. This is an in-depth studies of seven domestic Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

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