Conveners: Phillip Barbeau, Petra Merkel, Jinlong Zhang

Frontier Summary Report arXiv:2209.14111

Topical Group Reports:

        Quantum Sensors arXiv:2208.13310
                Conveners:Thomas Cecil, Kent Irwin, Reina Maruyama,
                      Matt Pyle
        Photon Detectors arXiv:2208.13051
                Conveners: Carlos Escobar, Juan Estrada, Chris Rogan
        Solid State Detectors and Tracking arXiv:2209.03607
                Conveners: Anthony Affolder, Artur Apresyan, Steven Worm
        Trigger and Data Acquisition arXiv:2209.03794
                Conveners: Darin Acosta, Allison Deiana, Wesley Ketchum
        Micro Pattern Gas Detectors arXiv:2209.05202
                Conveners: Bernd Surrow, Maxim Titov, Sven Vahsen
        Calorimetry arXiv:2208.12861
                Conveners: Andrew White, Minfang Yeh, Rachel Yohay
        Electronics and ASICs arXiv:2209.15519
                Conveners: Gabriella Carini, Mitch Newcomer, John Parsons
        Noble Element-Based Detectors arXiv:2208.11017
                Conveners: Carl Eric Dahl, Roxanne Guenette,
                      Jennifer L. Raaf
        Radio Detection arXiv:2209.00590
                Conveners: Amy Connolly, Albrecht Karle

Cross-Frontier Reports:

K. M. Black et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Muon Collider Forum arXiv:2209.01318
M. Chamizo Llatas et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Electron-Positron Collider Forum arXiv:2209.03472

Contributed Papers:

General - centered on this frontier

J. L. Feng et al. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2203.05090
A. Abed Abud et al. A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector to Enhance the Physics Capabilities of DUNE arXiv:2203.06281
S. Jindariani et al. Promising Technologies and R&D Directions for the Future Muon Collider Detectors arXiv:2203.07224
S. Banerjee et al. Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.07614
A. Aryshev et al. The International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07622
N. Bartosik et al. Simulated Detector Performance at the Muon Collider arXiv:2203.07964
K. Abazajian et al. CMB-S4 White Paper arXiv:2203.08024
J. Heise. The Sanford Underground Research Facility arXiv:2203.08293
E. Adelberger et al. Precision Studies of Spacetime Symmetries and Gravitational Physics arXiv:2203.09691
F. Forti (Belle II Collaboration). The Belle II Detector Upgrade Program arXiv:2203.11349

General - cross-listed

M. Askins et al. Theia: Summary of Physics Program arXiv:2202.12839
R. Mammen Abraham et al. Tau Neutrinos in the Next Decade: from GeV to EeV arXiv:2203.05591
G. Bernardi et al. The Future Circular Collider: a Summary for the US 2021 Snowmass Process arXiv:2203.06520
S. Dasu et al. Strategy for Understanding the Higgs Physics: The Cool Copper Collider arXiv:2203.07646
A. Liu et al. 21cm Radiation as a Probe of Physics Across Cosmic Ages arXiv:2203.07864
E. Barzi et al. In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics arXiv:2203.10393
R. Abdul Khalek et al. Electron Ion Collider for High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13199
LHCb Collaboration. Future Physics Potential of LHCb CDS-2806113
B. Madison, G. W. Wilson. Center-of-Mass Energy Determination using e+e−→μ+μ-(γ) Events at Future e+e− Colliders arXiv:2209.03281
E. Barzi et al. How Community Agreements Can Improve Workplace Culture in Physics arXiv:2209.06755

Quantum Sensors

G. Wang et al. Light Dark Matter Detection with Hydrogen-rich Crystals and Low-Tc TES Detectors arXiv:2201.04219
R. Ebadi et al. Directional Detection of Dark Matter Using Solid-State Quantum Sensing arXiv:2203.06037
D. Carney et al. Ultraheavy Particle Dark Matter arXiv:2203.06508
S. Brooks et al. Ion Coulomb Crystals in Storage Rings for Quantum Information Science arXiv:2203.06809
A. Attanasio et al. (Windchime Collaboration) The Windchime Project arXiv:2203.07242
D. Carney et al. Quantum Sensors for HEP Science – Interferometers, Mechanics, Traps, and Clocks arXiv:2203.07250
J. Ullom et al. Measuring the Electron Neutrino Mass using the Electron Capture Decay of 163Ho arXiv:2203.07572
A. Armatol et al. Toward CUPID-1T arXiv:2203.08386
M. F. Albakry, et al. A Strategy for Low-Mass Dark Matter Searches with Cryogenic Detectors in the SuperCDMS SNOLAB Facility arXiv:2203.08463
D. Budker et al. Quantum Sensors for High Precision Measurements of Spin-dependent Interactions arXiv:2203.09488
A.Berlin et al. Searches for New Particles, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves with SRF Cavities arXiv:2203.12714
D. Antypas et al. New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14915
J. Jaeckel et al. Axion Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14923

Photon Detectors

J. R. Klein et al. Future Advances in Photon-Based Neutrino Detectors arXiv:2203.07479
J. Asaadi et al. Photon Counting from the Vacuum Ultraviolet to the Short Wavelength Infrared using Semiconductor and Superconducting Technologies arXiv:2203.12542

Solid State Detectors and Tracking

M. R. Hoeferkamp et al. Novel Sensors for Particle Tracking arXiv:2202.11828
K. Alfonso et al. Passive low energy nuclear recoil detection with color centers – PALEOCCENE arXiv:2203.05525
S. Mazza et al. Integration and Packaging arXiv:2203.06093
B. Nachman et al. Simulations of Silicon Radiation Detectors for High Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.06216
D. Ally et al. Strategies for Beam-Induced Background Reduction at Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.06773
N. Apadula et al. Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors on CMOS technologies arXiv:2203.07626
P. Barletta et al. Fast Timing With Silicon Carbide Low Gain Avalanche Detectors arXiv:2203.08554
D. Berry et al. 4-Dimensional Trackers arXiv:2203.13900
E. Anderssen et al. Light-Weight and Highly Thermally Conductive Support Structures for Future Tracking Detectors arXiv:2203.14347
M. Perrin-Terrin. Tagged Neutrino Beams HAL-03634918

Trigger and Data Acquisition

A. V. Kotwal et al. A Fast Method for Particle Tracking and Triggering using Small-Radius Silicon Detectors arXiv:1910.14149
K. F. Di Petrillo et al. Track-Based Triggers for Exotic Signatures arXiv:2203.07314
R. Bartoldus et al. Innovations in Trigger and Data Acquisition Systems for Next-Generation Physics Facilities arXiv:2203.07620
M. Begel et al. Readout Technologies for Future Detectors arXiv:2203.14894
P. Harris et al. Physics Community Needs, Tools, and Resources for Machine Learning arXiv:2203.16255

Micro Pattern Gas Detectors

C. A. J. O'Hare et al. Recoil Imaging for Dark Matter, Neutrinos, and Physics Beyond the Standard Model arXiv:2203.05914
A. Bellerive et al. MPGDs for TPCs at Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:2203.06267
F. Barbosa et al. Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors for Nuclear Physics arXiv:2203.06309
K. Black et al. MPGDs for Tracking and Muon Detection at Future High Energy Physics Colliders arXiv:2203.06525
K. Dehmelt et al. MPGDs: Recent Advances and Current R&D arXiv:2203.06562
A. Löschke Centeno et al. A TPC-based Tracking System for a Future Belle II Upgrade arXiv:2203.07287


C.-H. Yeh et al. Studies of Granularity of a Hadronic Calorimeter for Tens-of-TeV Jets at a 100 TeV pp Collider arXiv:1901.11146
S. V. Chekanov et al. Physics Potential of Timing Layers in Future Collider Detectors arXiv:2005.05221
I. Pezzotti et al. Dual-Readout Calorimetry for Future Experiments Probing Fundamental Physics arXiv:2203.04312
C. Hu et al. Inorganic Scintillators for Future HEP Experiments arXiv:2203.06731
C. Hu et al. Ultrafast Inorganic Crystals with Mass Production Capability for Future High-Rate Experiments arXiv:2203.06788
M. Yeh, R.-Y. Zhu. Materials for Future Calorimeters arXiv:2203.07154
S. V. Chekanov et al. Precision Timing for Collider-Experiment-Based Calorimetry arXiv:2203.07286
D. R. Winn. Novel Low Workfunction Semiconductors for Calorimetry and Detection: High Energy, Dark Matter and Neutrino Phenomena arXiv:2203.09939
D. R Winn, Y. Onel. Photomultipliers as High Rate Radiation-Resistant In-Situ Sensors in Future Experiments arXiv:2203.09941
T. Anderson et al. RADiCAL: Precision-timing, Ultracompact, Radiation-hard Electromagnetic Calorimetry arXiv:2203.12806
R. Ruchti, K. Kruger. Particle Flow Calorimetry arXiv:2203.15138
S. Pereverzev et al. Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors and Effect of Accumulation and Unsteady Releases of Excess Energy in Materials arXiv:2204.01919

Electronics and ASICs

T. Andeen et al. Readout for Calorimetry at Future Colliders arXiv:2204.00098
D. Braga et al. Electronics for Fast Timing arXiv:2204.00149
M. Artuso et al. Enabling Capabilities for Infrastructure and Workforce in Electronics and ASICs arXiv:2204.07285
M. Newcomer et al. Fast (Optical) Links” arXiv:2203.15062

Noble Element-Based Detectors

E. Angelico et al. Measuring the Neutrino Event Time in Liquid Argon by a Post-Reconstruction One-parameter Fit arXiv:2004.00580
D. Caratelli et al. Low-Energy Physics in Neutrino LArTPCs arXiv:2203.00740
J. Aalbers et al. A Next-Generation Liquid Xenon Observatory for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics” arXiv:2203.02309
B. Monreal. High-pressure TPCs in Pressurized Caverns: Opportunities in Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.06262
J. Liao et al. Introduction to a Low-Mass Dark Matter Project, ALETHEIA: A Liquid hElium Time projection cHambEr In dArk matter arXiv:2203.07901
A. Avasthi et al. Low Background kTon-Scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers arXiv:2203.08821
B. J. P. Jones et al. The Ion Fluorescence Chamber (IFC): A New Concept for Directional Dark Matter and Topologically Imaging Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches arXiv:2203.10198
D. Akimov et al. The COHERENT Experimental Program arXiv:2204.04575
E. Alfonso-Pita et al. Scintillating Bubble Chambers: Liquid-Noble Bubble Chambers for Dark Matter and CEνNS Detection arXiv:2207.12400
J. Asaadi et al. Physics Opportunities in the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Era arXiv:2209.02883

Cross-Cutting Issues and Systems Integration

T. Akindele et al. A Call to Arms Control: Synergies between Nonproliferation Applications of Neutrino Detectors and Large-Scale Fundamental Neutrino Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.00042
Y. Li et al. Cryogenic User Facilities for R&D on Noble Liquid Detectors and Low Temperature Devices arXiv:2203.06146
C. Alpigiani et al. Recent Progress and Next Steps for the MATHUSLA LLP Detector arXiv:2203.08126
H. O. Back et al. A Facility for Low-Radioactivity Underground Argon arXiv:2203.09734
D. R. Winn et al. High Rate and High Precision Timing and Calorimeter Detectors arXiv:2203.09942
M. Hartz et al. Test Beam and Irradiation Facilities arXiv:2203.09944
T. Cecil et al. Superconducting Sensor Fabrication Capabilities for HEP Science arXiv:2203.15978
H. J. Frisch Adding Stroboscopic Muon Information For Reduction of Systematic Uncertainties in DUNE arXiv:2212.09524

Radio Detection

C. L. Chang et al. Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements White Paper arXiv:2203.07638
M. Ackermann et al. High-Energy and Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos arXiv:2203.08096
P. S. Barry et al. Large-Format, Transmission-Line-Coupled Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays for HEP at Millimeter Wavelengths arXiv:2203.15902