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AIDA javadoc CVSWEB (Aida is in /package/aida).

AIDA helps programmers write high level applications which have to connect to different databases, data sources, or control systems, on possibly different platforms and whose APIs may be in different languages, to perform data interactions in the time-scales necessary for on-line accelerator applications. It provides mathematical model, archive, relational database, and other high level structured data, to applications, like Orbit Correction, Correlation Plots and so on. Although it is not real-time, it can also interface real-time control environments such as EPICS, and the SLC Control system, to high level interactive scientific applications, servers and environments. In the language of computer programming, it is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), for multi-platform, multi-language, distributed data access and message passing. It is implemented on top of CORBA and has Java, Matlab, and shell-script APIs, and also has a Web based interface. AIDA is a central component of the SLAC accelerator system for LCLS, FACET and Accelerator Research.

Authors: Greg White, George McIntyre, Bob Sass, Bob Hall, Ron MacKenzie

Users Guides

These pages are for users of Aida, such as physicists, operations and programmers wishing to use Aida to interact with data.

Basic User Guide to Aida Using Aida from Matlab
Aida Command Line Tools AidaWeb Help

Individual Service Data Users Guides

These pages give help on getting data from each data service in the AIDA system. The basic API is the same across all services, but the options available are different for each service. These pages describe the data that may be acquired from that service, and formally describes the available options with examples.

EPICS Channel Access SLC History
EPICS Channel Archiver SLC Control Database
XAL Accelerator Model SLC Trigger
Oracle Relational Database SLC Multiknob
DIMAD (SLC) Accelerator Model SLC Klystron
SLC BPM Orbit Data SLC BGRP Set Variable
SLC MasterOscillator SLC Magnet
SLC Buffered Data

Programmers Guides

These pages are for developers of the Aida system itself.

New Labour basic development cheat-sheet Aida Directory Service Database Guide (Word)
AIDA Event Handling Aida Query Specification (AQS) (Word)
ESD Error Handling: Exception Handling Directory Service Oracle Schema (PDF)
AIDA Coding Conventions Names Database Contributor Taxonomy (PDF)
Troubleshooting AIDA Services, Servers and Hosts (PDF)
Performance Report Issues and Bugs
Using the Java JNI on OpenVMS Aida Development in Eclipse
Aida Confluence Wiki Aida SQL CheatSheet

Individual Peer and Data Provider Programmers Guides

Oracle Password Change Checklist EPICS Channel Access Provider Programmers Guide
SLC Peer Programmers Guide EPICS Channel Archiver
Creating an SLC Data Provider AIDAPROD/DEV Networks System Management Guide
AIDALCLS Network System Management Guide


J2SE 1.3 API Javadoc   J2SE 1.4 API Javadoc Java Soft
J2SE 1.4 org.omg.CORBA Javadoc
Sun ONE Whitepapers
HP Java HP OpenVMS Java Technology Center
Oracle and SQL*Plus Concepts and Features Matlab support for Java
Orbacus 4.2. Users Guide Java Native Interface
Enterprise Java CD Bookshelf at SLAC Java at SLAC
JavaDoc Tags New Features of CORBA 3.0
JDEE User Guide (no frames)
Jim Peterson's CORBA notes from Clemson Uni

Talks and Papers

AIDA, An Architecture for Distributed Accelerator Data at SLAC, ICALEPCS 2009
Talk to operations of May 2005: Matlab and slides (html) Aida Oracle Data Provider PowerPoint (June 2008) AidaOracle.ppt
Design Review Minutes - ESD Exceptions. AIDA The Video! See chat for July 17th 2002
Aida Orientation and References (Word) Aida Review (Aug 2004): Context (pdf), Technical (pdf), Performance, Error handling spin-off.
Aida Presentation to EPICS 2001 at PSI - ppt or pdf The original Aida Concept Paper at ICALEPCS 2001

The Other Aida

Aida at Aida
Aida on Broadway Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis (AIDA).

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