Hot-wiring Transient Universe III Workshop Proceedings

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Front Matter

Massively Parallel Time-Domain Astrophysics: Challenges & Opportunities

Autonomous Infrastructure for Observatory Operations

R. Seaman

The Follow-up Crisis: Optimizing Science in an Opportunity Rich Environment

T. Vestrand

Machine Learning for Time-Domain Discovery and Classification

J. Richards

The Variable Sky

S. Ridgway et al.

Hot-Wiring Flare Stars: Optical Flare Rates and Properties from Time- Domain Surveys

A. Kowalski

Time-Domain Surveys: Transient Searches

Transient Alerts in LSST

J. Kantor

The Zwicky Transient Facility

E. Bellm

SkyMapper and Supernovae

R. Scalzo

The Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS)

A. Drake

Pan-STARRS Transients, Recent Results, Future Plans

K. Chambers

Gaia – Revealing the Transient Sky

N. Walton

Photometric Science Alerts from Gaia

H. Campbell et al.

Time-Domain Surveys: Moving Objects and Exo-Planets

Small Body Populations According to NEOWISE

A. Mainzer

The Catalina Sky Survey for Near-Earth Objects

E. Christensen

Time-Series Photometric Surveys: Some Musings

S. Howell

Passing NASA’s Planet Quest Baton from Kepler to TESS

J. Jenkins

The ATLAS All-Sky Survey

L. Denneau

The Performance of MOPS in a Sensitive Search for Near-Earth Asteroids with the Dark Energy Camera

D. Trilling & L. Allen

Time-Domain Surveys: Beyond Optical Photometry

The TeV Sky Observed by the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observa- tory (HAWC)

B. Dingus

Hearing & Seeing the Violent Universe

S. Nissanke

Follow-up of LIGO-Virgo Observations of Gravitational Waves

R. Williams

The Needle in the Hundred-Square-Degree Haystack: from Fermi GRBs to LIGO Discoveries

L. Singer

ARTS – the Apertif Radio Transient System

J. van Leeuwen

Radio Adventures in the Time Domain

D. Frail

The Karl G. Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS): Defining a New View of the Dynamic Sky

S. Myers

VLA Searches for Fast Radio Transients at 1 TB/hour

J. Law et al.

Nuts and Bolts: Telescope Networking

Time to Revisit the Heterogeneous Telescope Network

F. V. Hessman

GCN/TAN: Past, Present & Future. Serving the Transient Community’s Need

S. Barthelmy

VOEvent: Where We Are; Where We’re Going

J. Swinbank

Time Series Data Visualization in World Wide Telescope

J. Fay

RTS2 and BB – Network Observations

P. Kubanek

Multi-Telescope Observing: the LCOGT Network Scheduler

E. Saunders & S. Lampoudi

Nuts and Bolts: Algorithms and Event Brokers

Novel Measures for Rare Transients

A. Mahabal

The Modern Automated Astrophysics Stack

J. Bloom

PESSTO – The Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects

M. Fraser et al.

Time Series Explorer

J. Scargle

ANTARES: The Arizona-NOAO Temporal Analysis and Response to Events System

T. Matheson

Bayesian Time-Series Selection of AGN Using Multi-Band Difference- Imaging in the Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey

S. Kumar

The South African Astro-informatics Alliance (SA3)

S. Barway

Predicting Fundamental Stellar Parameters from Photometric Light Curves

A. Miller

State-Based Models for Light Curve Classification

A. Becker

Follow-up Science, Opportunities and Strategies

Early Time Optical Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts

Kopac, A. Gomboc, & J. Japelj

Burst of the Century? A Case Study of the Afterglow of Nearby Ultra- Bright GRB 130427A

D. Perley

Optical Interferometry and Adaptive Optics of Bright Transients

F. Millour et al.

Multi-Color Robotic Observations with RATIR

N. Butler

The Robotic FLOYDS Spectrographs

D. Sand

Dynamic Follow-up of Transient Events with the LCOGT Robotic Tele- scope Network

R. Street et al.

Rapid Follow-up in iPTF and the Science it Enables

I. Arcavi

Transient Alert Follow-up Planned for CCAT

T. Jenness

Data Triage of Astronomical Transients: A Machine Learning Approach

U. Rebbapragada

Lessons Learned and into the Future

Toward an Intelligent Event Broker: Automated Transient Classificaiton

P. Wozniak

How to Really Describe the Variable Sky

M. Graham

The Radio Transient Sky

J. Lazio

Astrophysics in the Era of Massive Time-Domain Surveys

G. Djorgovski

Poster Papers

Following up Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Bursts

V. Connaughton et al.

The TOROS Project

M. C. Diaz et al.



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