SLAC eConf C131112 edited by J. Kumar, S. Pakvasa and X. Tata University of Hawai'i at Manoa


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Parallel Sessions


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The purpose of the CosPA 2013 conference is to bring together theorists, experimentalists and observers working in the fields of cosmology and particle astrophysics, in order to discuss the latest and data, theoretical results, and upcoming prospects for progress.

Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, Nov 11
Dutta, Bhaskar Dark Matter Searches at Accelerator Facilities [ arXiv:1403.6217 ] [ PAPER ]
Szydagis, Matthew A Detailed Look at the First Results from the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Dark Matter Experiment [ arXiv:1402.3731 ] [ PAPER ]

Friday, Nov 15
Hisakazu Minakata Neutrino Physics Now and in the Near Future [ arXiv:1403.3276 ] [ PAPER ]
Kumiko Kotera The origin of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays [ Kotera proceeding ] [ PAPER ]
Kurahashi, Naoko The Birth of Neutrino Astronomy [ arXiv:1402.3627 ] [ PAPER ]
Halzen, Francis CosPA2013: Outlook [ arXiv:1402.7302 ] [ PAPER ]

Parallel Sessions

Dark Matter I
Session chair: Pearl Sandick (University of Utah)
An, Haipeng Observing dark photon with dark matter detectors [ arXiv:1401.8287 ] [ PAPER ]

Dark Matter/Cosmology
Session chair: Haipeng An (Perimeter Institute)

Cosmology I
Session chair: Masahiro Kawasaki (ICRR)
Rangarajan, Raghavan Resolving the Inflationary Power Spectrum [ arXiv:1401.8082 ] [ PAPER ]
Fujita, Tomohiro Void magnetic field and its primordial origin in inflation [ arXiv:1401.7877 ] [ PAPER ]
Sean Downes Remarks on Realizing Inflation in String and Particle Physics Models [ arXiv:1401.7937 ] [ PAPER ]

Neutrinos I
Session chair: Jenni Adams (University of Canterbury)
Osamu Seto Neutrino mass from neutrinophilic Higgs and leptogenesis [ arXiv:1401.6646 ] [ PAPER ]

Cosmic Ray I
Session chair: Philip von Doetinchem (University of Hawai'i at Manoa)
Consolandi, Cristina Primary Cosmic Ray Proton Flux Measured by AMS-0 [ arXiv:1402.0467 ] [ PAPER ]

Dark Matter II
Session chair: Kaixuan Ni (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Cosmology II
Session chair: Rennan Barkana (Tel Aviv University)
Yajnik, Urjit Spontaneous parity breaking with broken supersymmetry : cosmological constraint [ arXiv:1401.8063 ] [ PAPER ]
Nakama, Tomohiro Investigating formation condition of primordial black holes for generalized initial perturbation profiles [ arXiv:1401.7740 ] [ PAPER ]

Cosmic Ray/Dark Matter
Session chair: William Hanlon (University of Utah)
Yen-Hsun Lin Probing the coupling of heavy dark matter to nucleons by detecting neutrino signature from the Earth core [ arXiv:1404.0446 ] [ PAPER ]
Corti, Claudio The cosmic ray electron and positron spectra measured by AMS-02 [ arXiv:1402.0437 ] [ PAPER ]

Cosmology IV
Session chair: Nick Kaiser (IFA, UH)
Jiro Matsumoto Cosmological perturbations in the models of dark energy and modified gravity [ arXiv:1401.3077 ] [ PAPER ]

Dark Matter IV
Session chair: Hai-Bo Yu (University of California, Riverside)
Pat Stengel WIMPy Leptogenesis [ arXiv:1402.0930 ] [ PAPER ]

Cosmic Ray II
Session chair: Veronica Bindi (University of Hawai'i at Manoa)
Okuda, Takeshi Recent results from Telescope Array [ arXiv:1401.8109 ] [ PAPER ]

Cosmology III
Session chair: Jun'ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU, University of Tokyo)
Barkana, Rennan Detecting the First Stars and Black Holes with 21-cm Cosmology [ arXiv:1401.7935 ] [ PAPER ]
Bramante, Joseph Beyond the Hubble scale: Super cosmic variance and nongaussianity as a portal to the superhorizon [ arXiv:1401.7205 ] [ PAPER ]

Dark Matter III
Session chair: Matthew Szydagis (UC Davis)
Ross, Steven Recent Progress on D3: The Directional Dark Matter Detector [ arXiv:1402.0043 ] [ PAPER ]

Neutrino II
Session chair: Mark Vagins (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)
Hu, Bei-Zhen New Results from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment [ arXiv:1402.6439 ] [ PAPER ]


Local Organizing Committee:
Jan Bruce
Jason Kumar
John Learned
Sandip Pakvasa
Istvan Szapudi
Xerxes Tata
Brent Tully
International Advisory Committee:
Jonathan Feng, University of California, Irvine
Guenther Hasinger, Institute for Astronomy
Pisin Chen, National Taiwan University
Xiao-Gang He, National Taiwan University
W.-Y. Pauchy Hwang, National Taiwan University
Sang Pyo Kim, Kunsan National University
Bo-Qiang Ma, Peking University
Raymond Volkas, University of Melbourne
David Wiltshire, University of Canterbury
Jun'ichi Yokoyama, University of Tokyo
Jenni Adams
John Belz
Veronica Bindi
Mu-Chun Chen
Eiichiro Komatsu
Kaixuan Ni
Stefano Profumo
Pearl Sandick
Sarah Shandera
Louie Strigari
Masahiro Takada
Mark Vagins
Scientific Secretaries:
Cristina Consolandi
Claudio Corti
Erin Edkins
Nicolas Fernandez
Keita Fukushima
Brianne Hackett
Bret Polopolus-Meredith
Steven Ross
Patrick Stengel
Kathryn Whitman
David Yaylali


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