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SSI 2005 Proceedings

Lecture Series

Speaker: Title arXiv Paper SPIRES
I. Stairs: General Relativity Tests with Pulsars [L004] [SPIRES]
S. Hughes: Trust but Verify: The Case for Astrophysical Black Holes arXiv [L006] [SPIRES]
J. Lattimer: Neutron Stars [L007] [SPIRES]
T. Berry: Extra Dimension Searches at Accelerators [L013] [SPIRES]

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Topical Conference

Speaker: Title arXiv Paper SPIRES
S. Larson: LISA: A Modern Astrophysical Observatory [T023] [SPIRES]
G. Esposito-Farese: Tests of Alternative Theories of Gravity [T025] [SPIRES]
B. Webber: Black Holes at Accelerators arXiv [T030] [SPIRES]
G. Blair: Precision SUSY and the GUT Scale [T031] [SPIRES]
J. Long: Tests of Gravity at the 100 Micron Scale and Below [T032] [SPIRES]
R. Scranton: SDSS Large Scale Structure Review [T034] [SPIRES]
J. Beatty: Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory [T035] [SPIRES]
A. Birkedal: Measuring Dark Matter at a Collider [T036] [SPIRES]
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