October 5, 2004

Gross, Politzer, and Wilczek awarded a Strong Nobel Prize. See the papers cited by the Nobel Committee

August 30, 2004

Check out the new Statistics Playground: Citation statistics and other amusing information culled from our database

July 26, 2004
Keyword searching includes the title, so documents that have not been keyworded, can be searched as well. Try it!

June 24, 2004
2004 Review of Particle Properties is now available on the web, and books to follow soon.

May 25, 2004
2003 Topcites

Feb 24, 2004
JSTAT A JHEP for Stat. Mech.

Nov 26, 2003
New(er) Topcites revealed! (Just in time for various holidays!) 

Nov 24, 2003
Let us know what you think of our new author and affiliation links 

Aug 12, 2003
Check out Interactions.org 

Apr 28, 2003
BaBar finds Ds resonance and it has been dieting. Press Release 

Apr 18, 2003
New Physics Nobel Prize page at SLAC  

Apr 17, 2003
2003 SLAC Summer Institute

Mar 27, 2003
What's going on with astro-ph? 

Feb 25, 2003
Try our new Streaming Video database 

Feb 2, 2003
JCAP, a new e-Journal for Cosmology and Astrophysics 

Dec 11, 2002
Try our new CV-style format  

Nov 27, 2002
Try our new HEP-Jobs database 

Nov 26, 2002
New Fermilab mirror

Sept 26, 2002
Paul Ginsparg is a 2002 MacArthur fellow, in spite of arXiv's skull logo 

Sept 20, 2002
Inflation looks good: Alan Guth happy, Alan Greenspan sad. 

Sept 19, 2002
1/10 of an attomole of anti-hydrogen at CERN! 

Sept 13, 2002
MiniBooNE sees neutrinos. 

Aug 24, 2002
Topcites Review 2001 Edition! 

July 16, 2002
Citation Cleanup Effort 

June 17, 2002
New SPIRES Scientific Database Manager 

May 11, 2002
Topcited theorists (past 5 y, past 10 y, all-time) 

April 22, 2002
Neutrinos caught mixing 

April 10, 2002
Quark stars seen?

April 9, 2002
Find reviews on topics in High Energy Physics! 

April 3, 2002
Search for articles in the PDG's Review of Particle Physics 

Jan 30, 2002
New Russian Mirror Site

Jan 4, 2002
Eprint archive citation analysis

Dec 12, 2001
10 years of SPIRES on the Web

Dec 4, 2001
PDG review article update

Nov 14, 2001
Severe accident at Super-Kamiokande

Oct 30, 2001
NuTeV result for sin(theta_W) suggests physics beyond the Standard Model See paper hep-ex/0110059.

Oct 30, 2001
Topcited theory authors! 

Oct 10, 2001
Eprint archive posting by country!

Oct 9, 2001
Nobel Prize in Physics for Bose-Einstein condensation!

Sept 19, 2001
2000 Edition of the Topcites Review!

July 6, 2001
BaBar sees CP violation in neutral B system (sin 2 = 0.59 0.14)

June 20, 2001
First results from Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

May 4, 2001
SPIRES-HEP innovator, Louise Addis, wins award

Feb 15, 2001
Latest BaBar and Belle results including sin(2beta)

Feb 9 2001
Physics beyond the Standard Model seen at Brookhaven?

Jan 8, 2001
The people behind SPIRES

Nov 22, 2000
Higgs seen at CERN?

Oct 9, 2000
2000 Topcite Olympics!!

Aug 17, 2000
2000 Dirac Medal awarded to Helen Quinn, Howard Georgi and Jogesh Pati

July 31, 2000
BaBar announces first physics results (including sin(2beta))

July 21, 2000
Physicists Find First Direct Evidence for Tau Neutrino at Fermilab!

2000 Edition of the PDG Review of Particle Physics now online!

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