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Future Plans and Developments


The Unix-SPIRES collaboration exists due to the astounding work of Dick Guertin, with the assistance of Louise Addis and others, in developing Unix-SPIRES into a cost-effective alternative to mainframe SPIRES. Dick has succeeded beyond expectations and the Unix-SPIRES database management system permits us to take advantage of the powerful SPIRES system within the much less expensive and more flexible Unix computing environment.

We have also successfully created a mechanism by which other institutions wishing to implement Unix-SPIRES locally can join with SLAC in an agreement to test, develop, and support the continued enhancement of Unix-SPIRES.

This page is a catalog of Unix-SPIRES and SPIRES milestones, enhancements, or features. It will also list what is currently being worked on and what is on the 'wish list'. Please feel free to send ideas, comments, and your own 'wish list' suggestions to: Pat Kreitz at pkreitz@slac.stanford.edu.

Completed Development

  1. PRISM is now available in Unix-SPIRES. (1997)
  2. Unix-SPIRES Memorandum of Understanding and Appendix A now available to institutions wishing to join the Unix-SPIRES collaboration. (2.13.98)
  3. The Web interface to SPIRES databases has been migrated to Unix and is in production. (2.17.98)
  4. Uni-SPIRES has been migrated to run on a PC. (6.3.02)
  5. Folio has been installed and is running. (99)

Under Development

  1. A new version of the SPIRES DBMS has been installed on campus and will undergo a month of testing before being incorporated in Unix-SPIRES. This new version includes some powerful tools for providing interoperability between SPIRES and external databases, including Sybase and Oracle. (2.98)

Future Plans

Further Information

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Last update: 8 March 2005

Unix-SPIRES Staff Travis Brooks and Michael Sullivan