Unix-SPIRES Collaboration

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Library, M.S. 82
2575 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, California
U.S.A. 94025-7090

Platform Requirements

USPIRES is a Unix-version of SPIRES, Stanford's Database Management System. To test if your Unix platform can handle USPIRES, you should obtain target.c and tcurses.c. Save them on your Unix platform. Each has instructions imbedded in the leading comments telling you how to compile and execute these programs. Most of the output from "target.c" should report: (That's good!). Communicate your results to Travis Brooks, (

Your target platform should be a big-endian machine, and you'll need both 'gzip' and 'tar' utilities. Read our complete list of site requirements.

If your target platform is little-endian (Intel chip), it still can run Unix-SPIRES under a Linux operating system, such as Red Hat. The speed may be slower, but with modern fact and cheap Linux boxes, this seems to have not been a concern.

To see other documentation about USPIRES, go to our documents page.

USPIRES Team: Travis Brooks and Michael Sullivan

Last updated: 8 March 2005