Memorandum Of Understanding:

Participation in an Agreement

for the Testing and Enhancement of


by the

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center





1. Purpose:

The _______________________________________ (______________) is familiar with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centerís database management system, Unix-SPIRES (along with its component and predecessor, SPIRES) and wishes to use Unix-SPIRES and to participate in the Unix-SPIRES project. The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Stanford University, views the _______________'s intended use of Unix-SPIRES as an ideal vehicle to further test Unix-SPIRES and identify desired enhancements. Hence, the two organizations agree to work together on the testing and enhancement of SLAC's Unix-SPIRES. This Memorandum of Understanding does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of either party, but rather an understanding of an intended agreement to participate in the further testing and enhancement of Unix-SPIRES for mutual benefit and benefit to the broader research and scholarly community. The scope of participation and use of Unix-SPIRES is set out in more detail at Appendix A.


2. Software Description:

Unix-SPIRES is a Unix-based computer software program under development at SLAC that manages character-based datasets requiring complex or large, hierarchically arranged records. Based upon Stanfordís mainframe databas system called SPIRES, Unix-SPIRES is a combination of C code and ORvyL/SPIRES code which is currently compiled to run on Sun4 and AIX6000 Unix platforms. Unix-SPIRES is maintained by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library and is available to institutions who are active in the SPIRES-HEP database community, and to other members of the Department of Energy complex and other institutions who would find the application useful and would join with SLAC in further testing and co-development efforts.


3. Organization of the Project:

Patricia Kreitz of SLAC will direct the enhancement efforts at SLAC. _________________ _________________________ of ___________ will direct the testing and use of Unix-SPIRES at _________________.


4. Responsibilities:

a. SLAC responsibilities: Subject to the limited project resources available, SLAC will provide _______________ with:

i. One copy of the compiled Unix-SPIRES database management system code to run at _______________ on one host machine;

ii. the Unix-SPIRES full screen display module;

iii. the Web interface package;

iv. documentation, including the basic SPIRES documentation and the Unix-SPIRES-specific documentation (plus online EXPLAIN files);

v.access to the Unix-SPIRES assistance for any problems;

vi. cooperative support, including getting the system running and the data ported to the agreed-upon installations; and

vii. all development and improvements, including upgrades and fixes, accomplished during the first year of this agreement. In subsequent years, new developments and upgrades are only available to the participants who elect to continue at the standard participation level.

b. _________________________________________ responsibilities:

i. Testing:

_______________ may run one installation of the compiled code for the use(s) it has described in the Appendix A: "SCOPE OF PROJECT PARTICIPATION AND USE OF UNIX-SPIRES". For the purposes of this document, an installation means one compiled copy of the code and its component programs on a host machine. Unlimited access to and use of Unix-SPIRES on that host machine are permitted to appropriate personnel and users providing such use and access accurately reflects the description of scope provided in Appendix A. In working with Unix-SPIRES, the _______________ project leader will keep SLAC apprised of its experiences and may offer suggestions for enhancements and fixes, which SLAC may, at its discretion, include in its continued development of Unix-SPIRES.

ii. Prohibition against redistribution:

_______________ agrees not to redistribute Unix-SPIRES and associated material beyond the scope agreed upon in Appendix A, either internally within their organization, institution, or affiliated partners or consortia, or to third parties, without the written consent of SLAC. Stanford University has intellectual property rights in Unix-SPIRES (as well as in SPIRES). Because the work originated at SLAC and is still in development there, SLAC, as part of Stanford University, is the sole distributor of Unix-SPIRES. If others within _______________ wish to have a separate copy or installation of Unix-SPIRES, they must contact SLAC for permission to obtain their own copy or installation. SLAC would like to inform them directly of the code's level of development at the time, to issue the disclaimer to them, and to reiterate the requirement that the code not be redistributed either internally or externally without the written consent of SLAC.


5. Disclaimer:

Unix-SPIRES and its components were developed under the sponsorship of the U.S. Government and Stanford University. Neither the U.S. Government, nor the U.S. Department of Energy, nor Stanford University, nor their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility for accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any software, information, product or process disclosed, or represents that its use will not infringe privately-owned rights. Mention of any product, its manufacturer, or suppliers shall not, nor is it intended to, imply approval, disapproval, or fitness for any particular use. The U.S. Government and Stanford University at all times retain the right to use and disseminate the furnished items for any purpose whatsoever.


6. Terms of this Agreement:

The term of participation in this agreement will run for 12 months from the date this document is fully executed. The agreement may be extended if mutually agreed to by both parties in writing according to the terms and conditions set forth in Appendix A.


7. Support of this Agreement:

SLAC will continue to maintain Unix-SPIRES, as the project's resources permit, for the international HEP community and for other participants in this agreement. Also, within the resources of the project, SLAC will continue to make those improvements to the database management system which are identified by SLAC and participating organizations as beneficial to Unix-SPIRES users. These activities to maintain and enhance Unix-SPIRES will contribute significantly to the support of _________________'s work as described in Appendix A. _______________ will contribute the amount specified in Appendix A to SLAC to help defray SLAC's costs of maintenance and enhancement of the Unix-SPIRES system.



Signed for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center:







Signed for ______________________________:






8 March 2005