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Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC - _________________________________ MOU

Participation in an Agreement for the Testing and Enhancement of Unix-SPIRES


A. First Year Scope of Participation and Cost Sharing Assessment:

The first-year cost sharing for participation in the agreement provides site installation and also some expert assistance in how to migrate from mainframe to Unix-SPIRES as well as the software, upgrades, and benefits outlined in the accompanying MOU. First year participation cost sharing is $9,800 (US) for the first installation and $6,500 (US) for additional installations performed within that first year.

For the purposes of this document, an installation means one compiled copy of the code and its component programs on a single host machine. During the first year, unlimited access to and use of Unix-SPIRES on that host machine are permitted to _________________________________________'s personnel and users.


B. Continuing Participation and Cost Sharing Assessment:

Institutions wishing to continue using the Unix-SPIRES compiled code must be active participants in the Unix-SPIRES agreement on an annual basis. There are two levels of annual participation available depending upon the database(s) size and the number of applications that will be using Unix-SPIRES. Because SLAC is non-profit and desires simply to off-set the ongoing costs for development, maintenance, and support, the costs of this project have been kept as low as possible. Determination of the appropriate level of continuing membership will be on the honor system.

Institutions participating in the SPIRES-HEP Collaboration by running a mirror site for the SPIRES-HEP databases maintain their continuing participation at the Standard Level.


C. Scope of Participation:

____________________________________________________ has read and understood the intended participation levels above and, has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that the following scope of participation is appropriate to the use(s) to which it intends to put Unix-SPIRES:


____ First-Year Agreement:


1. Number of separate installations desired: _________

2. First Year cost sharing (US):

TOTAL PAYMENT: $_______________


_____ Continuing-Year Agreement:


1. Standard Participation Level:

Continuing-Year cost sharing (US):

TOTAL PAYMENT: $ _______________

2. Restricted Participation Level:

Continuing-Year cost sharing (US):

TOTAL PAYMENT: $ _______________



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8 March 2005