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TITLE = Particle physics: The Standard model;
NAME = Quigg, Chris;
AFFILIATION = Fermilab;*
DATE = 07/07/99;
LECTURE-TYPE = Summer Student Lectures;
ABSTRACT = This course will cover the basic elements of the standard model
of particle physics: quarks, leptons, and the gauge theories of the strong,
weak, and electromagnetic interactions. The emphasis will be on ideas,
calculation, and comparison with experiment, not formal details and
technicalities. We will rely on recent data, especially from LEP and the
Tevatron Collider, to draw a detailed portrait of the Standard Model and to
identify goals of future research-both theoretical and experimental. The
course is intended for students interested in theory and experiment alike.
Students who do not intend to specialize in particle physics are also
welcome to attend.;
URL = http://webcast.cern.ch/Projects/WebLectureArchive/quigga;

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