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#include "num_util.h"

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namespace  num_util


#define PY_ARRAY_UNIQUE_SYMBOL   HippoPyArrayHandle


typedef KindCharMap::value_type KindCharMapEntry
typedef KindStringMap::value_type KindStringMapEntry
typedef KindTypeMap::value_type KindTypeMapEntry


numeric::array astype (boost::python::numeric::array arr, PyArray_TYPES t)
 Returns a clone of this array with a new type.
PyArray_TYPES char2type (char e_type)
 Coverts a single character typecode to its PyArray_TYPES.
void check_contiguous (numeric::array arr)
void check_dim (boost::python::numeric::array arr, int dimnum, intp dimsize)
 Throws an exception if a specific dimension from a numpy array does not match the expected size.
void check_PyArrayElementType (object newo)
void check_rank (boost::python::numeric::array arr, int expected_rank)
 Throws an exception if the actual rank is not equal to the expected rank.
void check_shape (boost::python::numeric::array arr, std::vector< intptr_t > expected_dims)
void check_size (boost::python::numeric::array arr, intp expected_size)
 Throw an exception if the actual total size of the array is not equal to the expected size.
void check_size_match (std::vector< intp > dims, intp n)
 Throws an exception if the total size computed from a vector of integer does not match with the expected size.
void check_type (boost::python::numeric::array arr, PyArray_TYPES expected_type)
 Throws an exception if the actual array type is not equal to the expected type.
numeric::array clone (numeric::array arr)
void copy_data (boost::python::numeric::array arr, char *new_data)
 Copies data into the array.
void * data (numeric::array arr)
intp get_dim (boost::python::numeric::array arr, int dimnum)
 Returns the size of a specific dimension.
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< double > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< float > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< int > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< long > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< short > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< signed char > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< std::complex< double > > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< std::complex< float > > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< unsigned char > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< unsigned int > (void)
PyArray_TYPES getEnum< unsigned short > (void)
bool iscontiguous (numeric::array arr)
static KindCharMap kindchars (kindCharMapEntries, kindCharMapEntries+numCharEntries)
static KindStringMap kindstrings (kindStringMapEntries, kindStringMapEntries+numStringEntries)
static KindTypeMap kindtypes (kindTypeMapEntries, kindTypeMapEntries+numTypeEntries)
numeric::array makeNum (const numeric::array &arr)
numeric::array makeNum (std::vector< int > dimens, PyArray_TYPES t)
 Creates a n-dimensional numpy array with dimensions dimens and numpy type t.
numeric::array makeNum (intp n, PyArray_TYPES t)
 Creates an one-dimensional numpy array of length n and numpy type t.
numeric::array makeNum (object x)
boost::python::numeric::array makeNum< double > (double *data, std::vector< int > dims)
int rank (numeric::array arr)
int refcount (numeric::array arr)
std::vector< intptr_t > shape (numeric::array arr)
intp size (numeric::array arr)
std::vector< intpstrides (numeric::array arr)
PyArray_TYPES type (numeric::array arr)
char type2char (PyArray_TYPES t_type)
 Converts a PyArray_TYPE to its single character typecode.
std::string type2string (PyArray_TYPES t_type)
 Converts a PyArray_TYPE to its name in string.
template<class T>
std::string vector_str (const std::vector< T > &vec)
 Constructs a string which contains a list of elements extracted from the input vector.


KindCharMapEntry kindCharMapEntries []
KindStringMapEntry kindStringMapEntries []
KindTypeMapEntry kindTypeMapEntries []
int numCharEntries = sizeof(kindCharMapEntries)/sizeof(KindCharMapEntry)
int numStringEntries = sizeof(kindStringMapEntries)/sizeof(KindStringMapEntry)
int numTypeEntries = sizeof(kindTypeMapEntries)/sizeof(KindTypeMapEntry)
const char * rcsid = "$Id: num__util_8cpp.html,v 1.36 2007/07/26 18:21:57 pfkeb Exp $"

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#define PY_ARRAY_UNIQUE_SYMBOL   HippoPyArrayHandle

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const char* rcsid = "$Id: num__util_8cpp.html,v 1.36 2007/07/26 18:21:57 pfkeb Exp $" [static]

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