HippoDraw Class Library Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
boostThe namespace for the boost C++ libraries
boost::pythonThe namespace for the boost::python class library
hippodrawNamespace for HippoDraw
hippodraw::AxesThe namespace for axes constants
hippodraw::DataPoint2DTupleA namespace to set the standard for indexing into 2 dimension data point tuple
hippodraw::DataPoint3DTupleA namespace to set the standard for indexing into 3 dimension data point tuple
hippodraw::FontWeightA namespace for weight constants
hippodraw::LineA namespace for line constants
hippodraw::NumericCollection of linear algebra functions
hippodraw::PythonA namespace encapsulating functions to interface HippoDraw classes to Python using Boost.Python
hippodraw::RootDataA namespace enclosing enum for ROOT Data types
hippodraw::StringThe namespace for conversion to string and search of string
hippodraw::SymbolA namespace for plotting symbols
stdSTL namespace

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