hippodraw::Line Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

A namespace for line constants.


enum  Style {
  Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot,
  DashDotDot, Invisible
 Line style constants. More...


Style convert (unsigned int style)


static Style styles []
 An array to allow conversion of integer to enumeration.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum Style

Line style constants.

Solid  ________
Dash  __ __ __
Dot  . . . . .
DashDot  __ . __ .
DashDotDot  __ . . __
Invisible  not visible

Definition at line 25 of file LineStyle.h.

Function Documentation

Style convert ( unsigned int  style  ) 

Definition at line 29 of file LineStyle.cxx.

References Invisible, and styles.

Variable Documentation

Style styles[] [static]

Initial value:

An array to allow conversion of integer to enumeration.

Use static as recommended by KDE developers because no long symbol will be exported.

Definition at line 26 of file LineStyle.cxx.

Referenced by convert().

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