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This is the home page of accelerator modelling lattice description files for the linear accelerators of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

MAD and ELEGANT decks, run results, and line specifications

From here you can find the MAD and ELEGANT lattice input files for the LCLS and FACET accelerator complexes. Links to the input file sources in CVS, the tracking codes' output files for every lattice release version, and associated useful beamline status data, are given for links below.

The accelerators are presently described in independent web pages:

Present Status As now defined, the "LCLS" lattices here include BOTH the Normal and Superconducting beam paths. The normal conducting acceleration paths are now in operation. The SC beampaths are in construction The former development project to add Superconducting acceleration and the second undulator. As of Apr 24, 2019, consider these matrials historical artifacts, and refer to LCLS Design proposal Decommissioned. Consider these matrials historical artifacts, and refer to FACET-II In construction and commissioning


LCLS, LCLS-II, FACET-II Accelerators Installation and Commissioning schedule GANT chart (requires SLAC authentication)

MAD output file contents and record formats summary.

Beamline Boundaries. This PRD defines the areas of the LCLS-II complex, with their names and endpoints.

For help with element types, see the Mad deck, under block comment heded "Element naming conventions", e.g. see LCLS2sc_main.mad8.

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