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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory FACET 2 Lattice Description
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This is the home page of the lattice descriptions of the Facility for Accelerator Science and Experimental Test Beams-II (FACET II) accelerator.

The lattice descriptions are expressed in the Methodical Accelerator Design (MAD) language (version 8). There are also similar pages for the LCLS and planned LCLS II accelerators.

Lattice Description Files

The following are the FACET-II MAD input files in SLAC's CVS:

Main command file (e-) FACET2e.mad8
Matching command file (e-) FACET2e_match.mad8
Master definitions (e-) FACET2e_master.xsif
Common definitions common.xsif
INJ definitions INJ.xsif
DL10 definitions DL10.xsif
L1 definitions L1.xsif
BC11 definitions BC11.xsif
L2 definitions L2.xsif
BC14 definitions BC14.xsif
L3 definitions L3.xsif
LI20 definitions LI20.xsif
SCAV definitions SCAV.xsif
Main command file (e+) FACET2p.mad8
Matching command file (e+) FACET2p_match.mad8
Master definitions (e+) FACET2p_master.xsif
Main command file (SCAV e-) FACET2s.mad8
Matching command file (SCAV e-) FACET2s_match.mad8

MAD Output Files

The MAD output results of the above files, are in directories under /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/model/output/facet2/. Those output directories containing files resulting from official lattice releases, are named after their release date in the form ddMMMyy, eg "22DEC17". The date string is also used as the CVS tag of their release. The data of official releases should also be found in the Oracle database (see below). Additionally, the latest output is always in /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/model/output/facet2/latest/. Note that the "latest" link may contain results from lattice development following the last release - so it is not necessarily the output of the most recent official release. That is, "latest" may contain follow-ups, or addenda, to files in an official release.

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