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This is the home page of the lattice descriptions of the Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests (FACET) Accelerator. The lattice descriptions are expressed in the Methodical Accelerator Design (MAD) language (version 8). There are also similar pages for the LCLS and planned LCLS II accelerators.

This page superceeds the FACET Optics "sharepoint" page.

Lattice Description Files

The following are the FACET lattice description files in SLAC's CVS, as input to MAD:

Main MAD command file FACETe.mad8
NRTL FACET_nrtl.xsif
Linac FACET_linac.xsif
LI20 FACET_LI20.xsif
LI20 experimental area FACET_LI20_EXPT_2015.xsif
LI20 multipole definitions FACET_LI20_multi.xsif
SCAV FACET_scav.xsif

Lattice Output Files

The output results of "official" MAD runs are in timestamped directories under /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/model/output/facet. The latest output is always in /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/model/output/facet/latest


Modelled element and device data are available in SLAC's Oracle Database. Select the "FACET_E" Beamline, and then see the Elements and Symbols tabs (they contain largely the same information).

Optics Plots

These are the Twiss parameter plots. Click on the image for the set of plots in PDF.

FACET: NRTL to main dump

Device Topology


The following is a zoomable PDF map of all the modelled elements of the FACET mad deck (click to open in a PDF viewer). It shows all the modelled elements including devices, markers etc, with their suml and Z positions, arranged left to right by Z and hierarchically by modelled line. Arrows link the elements to show the path of the beam from element to element through the machine.

FACET: NRTL to dump beampath

These maps were created using script mad2dot.awk together with print and survey files as output from Mad (see header of mad2dot). mad2doc creates a dot file, for instance We then use the unix command dot, or Graphviz, to create a PDF from the dot file.

Publication Guide

For those people who need to change the lattice files, there is a README in CVS, in the same directory as the lattice files. That README describes how to do the CVS, and use a makefile to publish the output files to /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/model/output/.

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