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People Behind SPIRES

The SPIRES Databases are managed by a dedicated group of people, many of whom are listed below from SLAC, DESY, FNAL, Durham U., IHEP, LIPI, Kyoto, and KEK.  For comments or questions send an email using the table below.


General Questions SPIRES Email
SPIRES-HEP Literature Database Travis Brooks
Conferences Georgia Row
Experiments Georgia Row
HEPNames Margaret Miller
Institutions Ann Redfield
Jobs Heath O'Connell
Reactions Mike Whalley
Videos Rob Atkinson
Keywords Hartmut Preissner


International SPIRES Database Team

Addis, Louise - SLAC
Atkinson, Rob - Fermilab
Bentham, Joanne - Durham U.
Blobel, Annemarie - DESY
Brooks, Travis - SLAC
Duerr, Kathryn - Fermilab
Füllgraf, Tanja - DESY
Godang, Romulus - LIPI
Guertin, Dick - SLAC
Handoko, L.T. - LIPI
Hashimoto, Shoji - KEK
Holtkamp, Annette - DESY
Huang, Maria - SLAC
Kato, Sawa - Kyoto
Kornienko, Lyubov - SLAC
Kreitz, Patricia - SLAC
Levkin, Alexander - IHEP
Lünert, Hildegard - DESY
O'Connell, Heath - Fermilab
Paul, Celina - Fermilab
Peskin, Michael - SLAC
Preissner, Hartmut - DESY
Raman, Arsella - SLAC
Rathbun, Cyndi - Fermilab
Redfield, Ann - SLAC
Row, Georgia - SLAC
Rupp, Barbara - SLAC
Schmidt, Dietmar - DESY
Sha, Victoria - SLAC
Stein, Maren - DESY
Strate, Almut - DESY
Sullivan, Mike - SLAC
Van Sandt, Denise - SLAC
Ward, Alicia - SLAC
Weyhrauch, Yasuko - SLAC
Whalley, Mike - Durham U.
Williams, Kevin - Fermilab

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SPIRES was replaced by INSPIRE in 2012

Would you like to search faster? And smarter?
Get detailed results?
Directly access figures?
Know which papers are cited together with yours?
Search inside papers?

Try INSPIRE, the successor of SPIRES, delivering all these features and much more.

More details on INSPIRE at projecthepinspire.net

 SPIRES HEP was a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
It was superseeded by INSPIRE

 Last Updated: 03/04/2004