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This is the home-page of the ESD Software Group's effort to streamline the development environment of our Unix based controls software.

Users' Guides, Programmers' Guides

See Also: CPE Software CVS Homepage, EPICS at SLAC, PEPII EPICS, CVSWEB

Principal Documents

The principle documents below describe how to contribute software to the Unix control system, and the details of how the development environment itself is designed.

Basic Users Guide (BUG.doc) (BUG.pdf)
Principles of Design (POD.doc) (POD.pdf)

Users' Guides

The Users' guides are those documents which help a developer use the development environment.

RSA Authentication Setup How to Use Remote Distribution
CVS cheatsheet How to Restore from AFS Backup
How to Create a UNIX Cron Job Movies

Programmers' Guides

These documents describe the development environment from the perspective of a developer of the environment itself.

Deployment Environment Setup (RSA Authentication)  

Requirements and Design Documents

Overall Unix Development Environment Requirements and Design  
Unix Monitoring System ESD Web Design Document


Documentation of systems used in the development environment

AFS Users Guide
CVS Manual
EPICS Home Page  

Planning, Status and Administration

Skeleton Environment Transition Plan
Status Meeting May 2nd 2003
Status Spreadsheet (UDETracker.xls)  

Cleanup Activities

Script Festival: Plans
Script File List

Previous Documents

These documents have been developed over the course of this project, but may not be up-to-date.

CVS Requirements
CVS Repository Hierarchy (in Outline )
Deployment Requirements (Word)
Existing Development Environment

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