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The User Guides of the Unix Development Environment.


Basic Users Guide (.BUG.doc) (BUG.pdf)  
Principles of Design (POD.doc) (POD.pdf)  


These are Quicktime movies of basic operations in the Unix Development Environment. You will need Quicktime installed on your computer to play them.

Editing an EPICS display (70MB) Illustrates cvs, editing, and releasing, an EPICS display.
Editing a (sourced) script (10MB) Illustrates cvs, editing, and releasing, a script (pathSetup.csh which is in common/setup/).
Putting a directory into CVS (1.7MB) Shows importing a directory, (which happened to be already under $CD_SOFT/ref) to CVS control.
Converting a Directory to new Release Procedure (3.3MB) Shows the makefile edits needed to convert common/dist/ to the new release support. Edits are the same for any directory.

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