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Status Meeting Agenda May/2/2003

SLAC Computing
Software Engineering
Software Detailed

Development and Release Procedure

Scripts - Greg; and Displays - Mike

Redesigned Directory structure to build in ref

Buyoff (Mike)

Developing makefiles for new structure and all the way ref - dev - new - prod - bck and back (Greg)

Distribution - James

Putting things in CVS

May need to be moved, including moving other things in ref/common

Path - Ken

Developed ?

Not deployed.

To do

Create release directories in CD_SOFT in both development and production filesystems

Put all in CVS

Test release procedure

Write User Guide


- covered in EPICS meeting

Web - Ginger, Jingchen



Structure of dirctories

Publishing tools (demoed Contribute, Word & WebDAV) - Wrote installation instructions

Wget for web mirroring - Jingchen


Site creation tool

Monday meeting, final summary and buyoff

Logging Releases - Judy

Requirements Spec to be written

Probably "two phase".

1. Initial v. simple, Oracle, one table

2. Log all files distributed. Web interface, lnyx to get v. fast list like newsoftware.dat

CVS - Terri

VMS / CVS link

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