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This page contains a description how the injection efficiency is computed for PEPII.


  • Proposal  , toroid data (1)(2)
  • Functional Requirements
  • Design Specification
  • Implimentation
  • Kill/Restart Injection Efficiency Process on VMS
  • EPICS IOC Software (VxWorks)

  • EPICS Databases:  bic_inject.db, bic_inj16.db
  • EPICS Sequence:
  • EPICS Save/Restore Data
  • Unix Host Software

  • EPICS Displays
  • VMS Host Software

  • ref_standalone:injeff.for

  • Driver program that calls inject_eff() periodically to calculate the momentary injection efficiency for HER or LER.
  • ref_magshr:inject_eff.c

  • This module calculates the momentary injection efficiency for HER or LER.  Toroids with the special readout bit have their values recorded in any BPM ring buffer which may be created in that micro. This routine reads those in PI01 and PI11 for comparison with the BIC measured bucket increments, resulting in a pulse-by-pulse injection efficiency.
  • ref_magshr:save_lumi.c

  • save_lumi - Saves the important luminosity_f data to disk using logical  name BIC_LUM_DATA
    restore_lumi - Needs to synchronize with the sequencer program on the BIC ioc which updates the luminosity.
  • ref_com_gen:injeff.submit

  • SCP Displays
  • SLC History Data
  • Troubleshooting


    For additional information on th pepii bunch injection efficiency software see Ron Chestnut or Ron Mackenzie.

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