HEPiX Fall 2005 at SLAC

Computing @ SLAC:
Internet Connection

Instructions for Connecting Your Laptop to the SLAC Visitor Network During the Workshop

SLAC provides a network (SLAC Visitor Network) dedicated for visitors.  Users will be connected to it via DHCP.  Because you will be outside the SLAC firewall you should consider your connection very insecure.  It is the responsibility of users of the Visitor network to protect their communications, e.g. by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  The visitor network is meant for light casual use and to provide an easy network connection for SLAC visitors, collaborators, conference/meeting attendees, vendor demonstration etc. Do not place mission critical applications on the Visitor network.

We recommend you to use the wireless connection.  Instructions for wireless connection are given below.

For Win:  card: Cisco AIR-PCM352 is recommended but D-Link (model DWL-650) works.

For Apple:  Apple Powerbook 2400:  MacOS 9.0.4:  card: Farallon SkyLINE PC Card & drivers.

For Linux:  DELL Latitude:  RH6.2  / 7.x w/v3.1.22  PCMCIA package. kernel 2.2.17:  card: Addtron, AWP-100 Wireless PCMCIA, Version 01.02.

Trouble has been reported in the past on the following combinations: Windows:  card  Linksys Wireless Network PC Card, Model WPC11, used in a Gateway x86 Family 6, Model 8; Windows: Intel card in a Dell Laptop

Set up your laptop and wireless PC card as follows:

Some Problem Areas To Avoid