The Geant4 North American Medical User Organization

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What ...
G4NAMU was launched in May of 2005 to provide a meeting place for the rapidly growing Geant4 medical user community of North America. The purpose of G4NAMU is to bring this community together to share issues and advice, to develop regional collaboration and to communicate as a group to the Geant4 developers.

Who ...
G4NAMU's current membership includes 185 members from 88 institutions throughout North America.

While many G4NAMU resources are provided by the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory's Geant4 team, G4NAMU is intended to be a consensus organization that evolves as needed by its members.

How ...
G4NAMU communicates through a mailing list, geant4-namu@slac.stanford.edu. The list is lightly moderated just to maintain focus and prevent spam.

  • To join the list, send mail to perl@slac.stanford.edu
  • Hints on using the mailing list
  • Latest News ...

    G4NAMU at AAPM Anaheim

    • G4NAMU members attending the American Association of Physicists in Medicine 59th Annual Meeting in Denver will meet on Sunday, July 30th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.
    • Location: Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center (the AAPM Headquarters Hotel).
      4th Floor, Capital Ballroom 5
    • Agenda:
      • 6:00: Introductions: - All
      • 6:20: Whats new and on the way in Geant4 - Joseph Perl
      • 6:40: Open the floor to any other discussion: - All
      • 7:00 Break out the refreshments
        Stick around a while. Get acquainted. Network. Find out who shares your interests, issues. Etc. Etc. This is the most important part of the G4NAMU meeting. It is why we time the G4NAMU event for the beginning of the AAPM week. We want you to meet each other and to start private discussions here that you will continue throughout the week.
    • Everyone is welcome. You do not need to already be familiar with Geant4 or G4NAMU.
    • It's perfectly alright to arrive late, even if just for the informal part of the meeting.