1) listserv versus geant4-namu:

To control your subscription to the list, to find out who is subscribed to the list, etc., send mail to:


To post to the list itself, sending mail out to all members, send mail to:



2) Postings to the list are not moderated:

Postings go out immediately to the entire list - 145 people at 70 different institutions. As owner of the list, I exercise control only in that I must approve all subscriptions (done to keep out spam).


3) Separate thoughts into separate threads:

To the extent that you can, please put separate thoughts into separate pieces of mail.  This makes it easier for others to track responses to your thoughts, and it makes less likely that any of your points will be overlooked.


4) Avoid  large attachments:

If you have any very large files that you want to share with the list (more than a few hundred kb), please post them on a web site and just send the URL to the list. This will avoid problems for people reading the mail over slow connections. If you don't have a place to post such files, just send them to me personally and I'll add them to the G4NAMU web site:



5) To see who is subscribed:

You can see who is subscribed to the list by sending a message to listserv@slac.stanford.edu. The title of your message does not matter. The body should be the words:

REVIEW geant4-namu


6) To see list archives:

To get up to date and see all of the traffic that has gone to the list so far, you can request that archives be mailed to you.

Send a message to listserv@slac.stanford.edu. The title of your message does not matter.  The body should be something like the following (there's no way to do this without individual lines for each month, so for a full year it would look like this):

get geant4-namu log1108

get geant4-namu log1109

get geant4-namu log1110

get geant4-namu log1011

get geant4-namu log1012

get geant4-namu log1201

get geant4-namu log1202

get geant4-namu log1203

get geant4-namu log1204

get geant4-namu log1205

get geant4-namu log1206

get geant4-namu log1207