Highly cited theory authors (2004)

What are the most highly cited theory authors as of 2004? Over various time periods.

Asked by:
Heath O'Connell
Answered by:
Phillipe Sourlas and Travis Brooks

These lists were created by counting the citations of published papers written by the following theorists in the indicated period. Naturally, the usual disclaimers apply, and as it only includes work published in journals (excluding the Review of Particle Physics), highly cited summer school proceedings, for example, will be missed. Papers are only included if they have less than 10 authors, in order to exclude large collaborations. Note that there is a time gap (on the order of months) between the compilation of the all-time list and the more recent ones, which would be reflected in slightly different citation counts for the same paper on the different lists. These and other discrepancies and errors should serve as reminders of the informal nature of these lists.

Some attention has been given to removing false counts, but this is a difficult process, and errors may have occurred. It is a good idea to include your full name on your papers, to remove ambiguity. In some cases it has been impossible to remove ambiguity, for example at #34 on the ranked list is "A.B. Zamolodchikov", but this entry certainly contains papers by both Alexei B. and Alexander B. Zamolodchikov. We apologize to all whose counts are affected by such problems, and hope that this serves as a reminder of the informal nature of this list.

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