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fin words numerical calculation proton
Searches all the text in the abstract. Enter words, separated by spaces. Adjacent words in your search will be treated as an "and" search.
Eprint Number
find eprint hep-ph/0001001
fin a drell   fin a drell, s    fin a drell, p
See more info on author searching.
fin title proton compton
It is enough to know only one word from a title, but a search will often be more efficient if you type more than one word. The order of title-words in your request is unimportant, and adjacent words will be treated as an "and" search.
Date Added
fin da 02/02/1998    fin da Feb 1998  fin da today
Date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy.  Other valid dates could be "March 1997", "1998", or "7/7/96".

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It was superseeded by INSPIRE

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