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E-Print Archives Listserv Notices
The Cornell-based E-Print Archives provides daily notices of preprints in the fields of physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, and computer sciences and quantitative biology which have been submitted to the archives as full text electronic documents. Use the main page to browse by field and subfield or subscribe. RSS feeds for individual archives and categories
HEPJobs Database
Maintained by Fermilab and SLAC libraries, this database lists jobs in the fields of core interest to the particle physics and astroparticle physics communities. Use this page to post a job or to receive e-mail notices of new job listings.
Provides particle physics news and resources from the physics laboratories worldwide.
NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
This table of contents query page provides a subject search interface for 28 core titles in the fields of astronomy and astroparticle physics. The ADS obtains backfiles of journal titles and scans the full text, providing free access to older materials. Many journals only release full text backfiles to ADS after a period of years, so check the journals' dates of coverage in the system.
Preprints in Particles and Fields (PPF)
A weekly listing averaging 250 new preprints in particle physics and related fields. Contains bibliographic listings for and, in the Web version, full text links to, the new preprints received by and cataloged into the SPIRES High-Energy Physics (HEP) database. Includes that week's titles from the e-print archives as well as preprints and articles received from other sources. Directions for subscribing to an e-mail version can be found on the page listing the most recent week's preprints.

Note: Use the library link on the Directories page to find additional announcement lists for online access to journal tables of contents.

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