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Database of more than 12,300 past, present and future conferences, schools, and meetings of interest to high-energy physics and related fields. Covers 1973 to the future. The current year covers more than 600 events. Search or browse by title, acronym, date, or location. Includes information about published proceedings, links to submitted papers from the SPIRES-HEP database, and links to the conference Web site when available. Can also search for any conferences occurring by day, month, quarter, or year. Links to a form with which one can submit a new conference or edit an existing one.
Europhysics Meetings List
Maintained by the European Physical Society, this lists in chronological order all the current and future meetings, workshops, schools, etc., organized or sponsored by EPS or organized in conjunction with an EPS-sponsored group. Sponsored conferences are organized by bodies independent from the EPS, and applications must normally be made 8 months prior to the start of the conference.
PhysicsWeb Events
Part of the Institute of Physics (IOP) Web site, this site contains approximately a hundred entries for meetings, workshops, exhibitions and schools occurring in the current year and the following year. Fills a gap by covering the smaller conferences and workshops around the world. Searchable by type of event, e.g., school, workshop, or by date or free text words. Provides a Web form and email address for adding a conference and for signing up to receive email notices of new events added.

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