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The influence of strong LAN traffic on target hosts on monitoring results Network logo

Jiri Navratil and Les Cottrell. Page created: June 6 2003.

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Routing changes and bandwidth to sites

This case shows the possibility to discover network problems via monitoring of available bandwidth. The latest routing problems hits many sites in US . The last situation (June 6th,2003) is similar to this which we reported in our case Abilene (May-6/7). Today, we could see this chnages on our 8 monitoring paths (from our 30). We can classify this changes into three types. The first type (on,, ) it was as big bandwidth drop. The second type is visible in our path to We can see increasing cross traffic (as addiitional traffic appeared on the path and the banwidth dropp according to this. The last type is demonstrated on our path to, and Internet-2 and probably, where the bandwidth decrease was visible but not so big.

See this sample from the path to

and this review of all sites

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