TupleCut Member List

This is the complete list of members for TupleCut, including all inherited members.

acceptRow(const DataSource *source, unsigned int i) constTupleCut
getColumn() constTupleCut
getInversion() constTupleCut
getLabel() constTupleCut
getRange() constTupleCut
isEnabled() constTupleCut
m_columnTupleCut [private]
m_enabledTupleCut [private]
m_invertTupleCut [private]
m_labelTupleCut [private]
m_rangeTupleCut [private]
setColumn(unsigned int col)TupleCut
setEnabled(bool yes=true)TupleCut
setInversion(bool state)TupleCut
setLabel(const std::string &label)TupleCut
setRange(const Range &range)TupleCut

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