TextRepFactory Member List

This is the complete list of members for TextRepFactory, including all inherited members.

add(RepBase *)Factory< RepBase >
create(const std::string &name)Factory< RepBase >
exists(const std::string &name) constFactory< RepBase >
Factory()Factory< RepBase > [protected]
initialize()TextRepFactory [private]
instance()TextRepFactory [static]
m_namesFactory< RepBase > [mutable, protected]
m_typesFactory< RepBase > [protected]
names() constFactory< RepBase >
prototype(const std::string &name) constFactory< RepBase >
remove(const std::string &name)Factory< RepBase >
s_instanceTextRepFactory [private, static]
TextRepFactory(const TextRepFactory &)TextRepFactory [private]
TextRepFactory()TextRepFactory [protected]
~Factory()Factory< RepBase > [protected, virtual]

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