FontXML Member List

This is the complete list of members for FontXML, including all inherited members.

BaseXML(const std::string &tagname, XmlController *)BaseXML [protected]
fillNodeList(const XmlElement *element, std::list< XmlElement * > &nodelist)BaseXML
FontXML(const FontXML &)FontXML [private]
FontXML(XmlController *controller)FontXML
getAxis(const XmlElement *element, const std::string &tagname)FontXML
getNode(const XmlElement *element) constBaseXML
m_controllerBaseXML [protected]
m_familyFontXML [private]
m_idBaseXML [protected]
m_italicFontXML [private]
m_sizeFontXML [private]
m_tagnameBaseXML [protected]
m_typeBaseXML [protected]
m_weightFontXML [private]
NodeList_t typedefBaseXML [protected]
s_instanceFontXML [private, static]
setAttributes(XmlElement &, const FontBase &)FontXML
setAttributes(const XmlElement *element, FontBase *font)FontXML
setId(XmlElement &tag, int id)BaseXML [protected]
tagName() constBaseXML [virtual]
~BaseXML()BaseXML [virtual]

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