FontBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for FontBase, including all inherited members.

family() const=0FontBase [pure virtual]
FontBase()FontBase [inline, protected]
FontBase(const std::string &family, int pointsize=12, int weight=hippodraw::FontWeight::Normal, bool italic=false)FontBase [protected]
italic() const=0FontBase [pure virtual]
pointSize() const=0FontBase [pure virtual]
setFamily(const std::string &family)=0FontBase [pure virtual]
setItalic(bool enable)=0FontBase [pure virtual]
setPointSize(int pointsize)=0FontBase [pure virtual]
setWeight(int weight)=0FontBase [pure virtual]
weight() const=0FontBase [pure virtual]
~FontBase()FontBase [inline, virtual]

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