Color Member List

This is the complete list of members for Color, including all inherited members.

addColor(const char *name, const Color &color)Color [static]
black enum valueColor
blue enum valueColor
Color(int red=0, int green=0, int blue=0)Color [explicit]
Color(Color::Value value)Color [explicit]
Color(const std::string &name)Color [explicit]
colorIndexColor [static]
ColorMapByName_t typedefColor [private]
colorNames()Color [static]
cyan enum valueColor
darkgray enum valueColor
getBlue() const Color
getColor()Color [static]
getGreen() const Color
getRed() const Color
green enum valueColor
initColorByNameMap()Color [private, static]
isValid(const std::string &name)Color [static]
lightgray enum valueColor
m_blueColor [private]
m_greenColor [private]
m_redColor [private]
magenta enum valueColor
operator==(Color c)Color
orange enum valueColor
red enum valueColor
s_color_by_nameColor [private, static]
s_color_namesColor [private, static]
setColor(const std::string &)Color
setColor(int red=0, int green=0, int blue=0)Color
setColor(Color::Value value)Color
Value enum nameColor
white enum valueColor
yellow enum valueColor

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