BinsBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for BinsBase, including all inherited members.

accumulate(double x, double w_or_y=1.0, double z=1.0, double w=1.0)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
BinsBase(const char *name)BinsBase [protected]
BinsBase(const BinsBase &binner)BinsBase [protected]
binWidth(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
calcBinWidth(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis, int parm, bool dragging) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
calcOffset(const std::string &, int parm, bool dragging) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
clone() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
createNTuple() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
fillDataSource(DataSource *ntuple) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getBinnerOn(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getLow(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis) const =0BinsBase [protected, pure virtual]
getMinEntries()BinsBase [virtual]
getNumberOfAxes() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getNumberOfEntries() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getOffset(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getOverflow() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getRange(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getUnderflow() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
getZValue(double x, double y) const BinsBase [virtual]
hasEqualWidths() const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
isEmpty() const BinsBase
m_emptyBinsBase [protected]
m_is_scalingBinsBase [protected]
m_nameBinsBase [private]
m_scale_factorBinsBase [protected]
m_values_dirtyBinsBase [mutable, protected]
name() const BinsBase
numberOfBins(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
prepareNTuple(unsigned int rows) const =0BinsBase [pure virtual]
reset()=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
scaleFactor() const BinsBase [virtual]
scaleNumberOfEntries(double number)BinsBase [virtual]
setBinContents(const DataSource *ntuple)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
setBinnerOn(BinnerAxis *, hippodraw::Axes::Type axis)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
setBinWidth(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis, double value)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
setEntriesScaling(bool on)BinsBase [virtual]
setMinEntries(int entries)BinsBase [virtual]
setNumberOfBins(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis, int number)=0BinsBase [protected, pure virtual]
setOffset(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis, double value)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
setRange(hippodraw::Axes::Type axis, const Range &, bool hold_width=true)=0BinsBase [pure virtual]
~BinsBase()BinsBase [virtual]

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