BFGSFitter Member List

This is the complete list of members for BFGSFitter, including all inherited members.

BFGSFitter(const char *name)BFGSFitter
calcBestFit()BFGSFitter [virtual]
calcCovariance(std::vector< std::vector< double > > &cov)BFGSFitter [virtual]
calcDegreesOfFreedom() const Fitter [virtual]
clone() const BFGSFitter [virtual]
copyFrom(const Fitter *other)Fitter [virtual]
fillFreeParameters(std::vector< double > &) const Fitter
Fitter(const Fitter &)Fitter [protected]
Fitter(const char *name)Fitter [protected]
function(const std::vector< double > &x) const BFGSFitter
getFixedFlags() const Fitter [virtual]
getUseErrors() const Fitter
gradient(const std::vector< double > &x) const BFGSFitter
gradp(const std::vector< double > &u, const std::vector< double > &p) const BFGSFitter
initIter() const BFGSFitter
interpolate(const std::vector< double > &x0, const std::vector< double > &p, double Alphaim, double Alphai) const BFGSFitter
isCompatible(const FunctionBase *) const Fitter
iterParam(std::string name)BFGSFitter
m_alpha1BFGSFitter [private]
m_alpha_maxBFGSFitter [private]
m_c1BFGSFitter [private]
m_c2BFGSFitter [private]
m_fcnFitter [protected]
m_grad_cutoffBFGSFitter [private]
m_iter_paramsBFGSFitter [private]
m_MBFGSFitter [private]
m_max_iterationsFitter [protected]
m_nameFitter [protected]
m_proj_cutoffBFGSFitter [private]
m_step_cutoffBFGSFitter [private]
m_xinitBFGSFitter [private]
name() const Fitter
needsIntegrated() const Fitter
objectiveValue() const Fitter [virtual]
setDataSource(const DataSource *source)Fitter
setFCN(StatedFCN *fcn)Fitter [virtual]
setFitCut(TupleCut *cut)Fitter [virtual]
setFitRange(bool yes=true)Fitter [virtual]
setFixedFlags(const std::vector< int > &flags)Fitter [virtual]
setFunction(FunctionBase *function)Fitter
setInitIter(const std::vector< double > &xinit)BFGSFitter
setIterParam(std::string name, double value)BFGSFitter
setLimits(unsigned int i, double lower, double upper)Fitter [virtual]
setLimits(const std::string &name, double lower, double upper)Fitter
setStepSize(unsigned int i, double size)Fitter [virtual]
setStepSize(const std::string &name, double size)Fitter
setUseErrors(bool yes=true)Fitter
wolfeStep(const std::vector< double > &x0, const std::vector< double > &p) const BFGSFitter
zoom(const std::vector< double > &x0, const std::vector< double > &p, double phi0, double dphi0, double Alphalo, double Alphahi) const BFGSFitter
~Fitter()Fitter [virtual]

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