Building custom applications

The HippoDraw C++ library can be used for creating custom applications with either C++ or Python.

In both cases the Qt library, version 3.1 or later, is needed. For building with Python, PyQt is needed as well. Versions 3.5 and 3.6 of PyQt have been used in the past. This release was tested with version 3.14.1.

For both C++ and Python, one can build a custom application using the CanvasWindow and Inspector, or displaying a data representation with the HippoDraw widget, QtViewWidget or both in the same application. Displaying the Inspector is optional in both cases.

Building custom applications with C++ and Python extension module: sihippo give some examples of usage.

If your custom application uses Doxygen for its documentation, you can use the hippodraw tag file and an entry in your Doxygen configuration file such as

TAGFILES = hippodraw.tag=

to link your documentation to HippoDraw's

See the Examples of custom applications with HippoDraw page.

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