Search For Isolated Fractionally Charged Particles 

Current and Past Research Group Members

Martin L. Perl - Professor of Physics (Physics Nobel Laureate 1995)

Brendan Casey - Physicist
Sewan Fan
- Physicist 

George Fleming
- Physicist

Ed Garwin - Physicist
Adi Jain
- Student
Valerie Halyo
- Physicist (Currently professor of physics, Princeton University)
Charles Hendricks
- Engineering physics

Peter Kim -
Klaus S. Lackner - Professor of physics
Eric R. Lee - Engineering physics
Irwin T Lee
- Physicist

Dinesh Loomba
- Physicist (Currently professor of physics, University of New Mexico)

Nancy Mar
- Physicist 

Gerard Putallaz -
Mechanical Engineer

Howard Rogers -
Associate Engineer

Jason Seidman
- Student Gordon Shaw - Professor of Physics

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April 30, 2007
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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