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Printing an eConf Proceedings

Econf proceedings are published in one of two formats, eprint proceedings and full-text proceedings.  Printing is slightly different for each format. If it is a full-text proceedings, you will find links to the complete proceedings plus individual links to the PostScript and PDF versions of the papers on the right hand side of the page.  If it is an eprint proceeding, only the linked bulletin board number, e.g., [hep-ex/9912004], will be listed. Find the econf proceedings page you wish to print using the Search eConf page.

If you wish to bind the proceeding, set your printer to duplex (two-sided) printing. The pages are formatted to have sufficient interior margin for printing.

Printing Instructions for an Eprint  Proceeding

In this format, the frontmatter  (title page, table of contents, committee members, attendees, acknowledgements, etc) and the backmatter (appendices, indexes) of the publication exist on the eConf server while the individual papers reside on the (eprint arXiv server). In this format, each paper must be printed individually. The volume may not have a volume-level index nor will it have consecutive pagination.  To print:
  1. Frontmatter (Print directly from eConf eprint proceedings page)
  2. Back matter (Print directly from eConf eprint proceedings page)
  3. Individual papers (eConf supplies hypertext links to the PostScript/PDF housed at the eprint arXiv.) Each paper must be printed individually and then put into a consecutive set based on the order of the papers shown in the Table of Contents.

Printing Instructions for a Full-Text Proceeding

Full-text proceedings typically can be printed in two ways. In either case, the printed copy will be consecutively paginated.

bulletOne Complete Volume

On the proceedings page, the "Complete Proceedings" link will take you to a large, compressed PostScript (tarred) file. By FTPing this file to your site, it can then be printed locally. (Beware, such a large file may be difficult for your printers to process.) 

bulletVolume Sections
  1. Frontmatter (title page, table of contents, program, attendees, etc.) is linked as either one consolidated or several separate PostScript/PDF files. 
  2. Body of Proceedings (At present, each paper must be printed individually). Whether compressed PostScript or PDF, the papers will be consecutively paginated.
  3. Backmatter (appendices, author and subject indexes) again may be one file or multiple files in both PostScript and PDF formats.

Trouble Opening a File?

If you experience difficulties opening up the compressed PostScript, the first likely cause is that your computer is lacking a helper application, such as Ghostview, that enables you to view compressed PostScript.  Please see your local desktop support person for assistance with this. 

If you encounter other problems retrieving and printing the proceedings, please let us know.

Metadata: Cataloging Records for eConf Proceedings

As eConf develops, this cataloging metadata will be supplied as individual links on the proceedings pages and the SPIRES record.

Lepton-Photon '99

BOOK-TYPE = Proceedings;
AUTHOR = Jaros, J.A.;
AUTHOR = Peskin, M.E.;
CORPORATE-AUTHOR = Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Calif.;
TITLE = Lepton - photon '99;
SUB-TITLE = Proceedings;
PLACE = Singapore;
PUBLISHER = World Scientific;
NOTE = Sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied
Physics, the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of
Energy, and Stanford University;
PAGES = 940;
CONF = International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at
High Energies (LP 99), 19th, Stanford, California, 9-14 Aug 1999;
CONF-NUMBER = C99/08/09;
SUBJECT-HEADINGS = Particle Physics--Conferences;
SUBJECT-HEADINGS = Lepton Interactions--Conferences;
SUBJECT-HEADINGS = Photonuclear Interactions--Conferences;
SUBJECT-HEADINGS = Particle Physics--Conferences;
SUBJECT-HEADINGS = Electromagnetic Interactions;
URL =;

LINAC 2000

Cataloging data in process and will be available soon.


Please let us know what format and data elements would be most useful for you to use in your local online catalog by sending email to with "eConf" in the subject header.

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